Supplemental Draft for the Wizards

Update: 24 Jan. 1950H

Down the byline does it again. Chance Myers call up

Putting out a little mls supplemental draft update.

KC selected the following:

Pat Healy, Midfielder from Towson State. Outside of combine invite stories I have not found much, yet. But this one will be famous. They already done a movie with him in it.

Vicente Arze, Midfielder from Mercer.

Tom Gray, Midfielder from Monmouth. Excerpt from a Southwind Sentinel inteview

Andrew Kartunen, Keeper from Stanford. Member of the U-20 national team at the 05 world youth championship. Even has an interview or 2 out there.  Andrew Kartunen interview before Combine. Senior overcomes injury to lead Cardnials

Last year Aaron Hohlbein was selected and saw considerable minutes while in 2006 Ryan McMahen was selected and remains on the roster.  Ryan is recovering from an injury which caused him to miss the 07 season.


One Response to Supplemental Draft for the Wizards

  1. Pez says:

    Wait… is that supposed to be *Chance* Myers?

    Or maybe Chris Meier? 😮

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