KCW Juniors

KC launched the Juniors back before the MLS All Star game.  The team finished runner up in the 2007 U-17 SUM Cup.  There hasn’t been much news, but there have been a few things.  On the news page you will see the story about 7 players from the U-17 team making the All-Metro team back on January 3rd.  And then it looks like the U-15’s made the final (but lost) in something called Sam Shannon Cup & Showcase.  The U-16’s also competed.  I found results for the U-16’s (playing up in U-17) here and the U-15’s here.  The tournament was November 24th and 25th.

Anyway, I was just going around the Wizards site to see if there was anything new or maybe something I hadn’t noticed before.  For example today there was a new banner unveiled.  No more “get close” banner.  New one is neat.  Ok, so what did I find by looking around.  Well, I noticed on the Youth page that they have a sponsor.  Now, I don’t recall it being there before, but maybe it was.  U.S. Engineering has their HQ here in KC.  On their community page it says they are interested in philanthropy.  On the whole I’d say that this has nothing to do with a possible sponsorship for the senior team.  I just wanted to write about it because I am 1)interested in the Juniors and 2)didn’t recall that being there.

 OG (George Shook)


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  1. There’s a good article on EJ’s move to England by Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports today. I was going to link it on Oz City, but figured this was a more appropriate place for it for you news blast.

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