24 Jan. The News you might have Missed.

Hillcrest Road is Launched.  Cool. whoooos and ahh. Great, looking forward to the information that will be on the Blog. Yet whatever you do please do name the Stadium Hillcrest.

Johnson Makes Cottage move The 23-year-old leaves Kansas City Wizards for a three-and-half year deal with the Barclay Premier League.

Know Your Media Market  That’s clearly supposed to be a dig at Missouri, but it is funny that these guys specifically say the “28th largest media market” which isn’t St. Louis or Kansas City.

March 29 Latest transfer that might have an effect on this game

Fuhlam and Johnson Complete Deal As of right now Scott Sealy is the lone striker that can score for the Wizards, though you could add Davy Arnaud to that……

Walsh: Donovan Should Be Right There is a reference to “Veteran Jimmy Conrad” in it

Not just dumb — he’s a racist slumlord as well  A must read . I laughed, was then shock, then amazed, then dumbfounded. I Loved It.

You Can’t Make It up. (This is the reporter that interviewed me – OG)



One Response to 24 Jan. The News you might have Missed.

  1. kopiteinkc says:

    You guys should have a link to the Cauldron site somewhere.

    Great work btw

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