Three Trails story on NBC news at 6 p.m. (Updated)

Ryan Kath of NBC Action news just left my house after interviewing me about the new Three Trails project.  I answered questions on the Wizards, the current state of Bannister Mall, what to look forward to in regards to a new retail development and a new stadium.  Basically my take as a KCMO resident on development and the efforts to take it to a vote. 

I am not sure what portions of my interview they will use but Mr. Kath is to be on NBC live from City Hall later (5pm I assume) when Mr. Tolbert turns in his signatures.  Check out the story then and we can also see if I have a future career in television. 🙂

Update: Per the 5pm broadcast, the interview with me will be on the 6pm show.  At 5pm, NBC crews showed Tolbert handing in 2 signatures.  Not sure what his game is in regards to this.

George Shook


2 Responses to Three Trails story on NBC news at 6 p.m. (Updated)

  1. Kevin Shook says:

    Here is the link to the video that made the news, and the story about the extension.

  2. Ryan Kath says:

    Hey George,
    Just stopping by to check out the new soccer blog. You definitely have a future in television! Thanks for doing the interview on short notice.
    All the best,

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